Hydrobikes will be available for rent from the 1 of June to the 26 August 

Explore the fjord

150,- NOK 0-2 hours 

Picnic trip

250,-NOK 2-4 hours. There is a waterproof compartment available on the front of our hydrobikes where you can put your belongings, ideal for picnic trips along.

Time to enjoy

350,-NOK 4-7 hours. Stable, Fun & Safe. Explore areas only reachable by hydrobike

Tent trip

650,- NOK 7-24 hours. Camp along the Fjord, enjoy a night under the stars on the Nærøyfjord


To order our hydrobikes and book a specific time and date, please contact us by email, see our contact details below. Pre-booked at minimum one day in advance. Minimum age 12 year.
We accept payment at your arrival ,
by cash or by card .
We are located at Nærøyfjorden.

 Bakkavegen 60, 5747 Gudvangen

Prices Bicycle rentals

  Bicycles rent 200,- NOK  Max 12 hours per rent

Contact Us


Email: gudvangenrent@gmail.com
Web:    www.gudvangenrent.com


We are located in Bakka at
the Nærøyfjord,
Which is classified UNESCO 
world heritage.
You will be surrounded by steep
majestic mountains up to
1700 meters high and waterfalls 
Our Hydrobikes are the 
best way to feel the peace 
of the nature without 
disturbing the eco-system.
You can explore the area at your 
own pace and stop whenever 
you wish to admire the landscape.

You can choose to live this
adventure by yourself or with 
Your friend and family.